Pro snowboard tips - Advanced

Updated: 2 days ago

Some of the advices from a PRO boarder for intermediate level snowboard enthusiasts.

• Keep your board under your feet for high percentage turns.

•  Snowboard equipment has evolved so much the past years, make sure you’re on the goods. Take advantage of snowboard demo tours and try your friends gear if they’ll let you. Different styles prefer different set-ups, don’t be afraid to try something new.

• Initiate your turns with your lower body, from the bottom up, ankles, knees and hips. Try not to start your turns by rotating your upper body.

• Work on being a versatile rider! Ride fakie, do 360’s while riding, nose wheelies, etc. All of these skills will improve your balance and prepare you for future difficult landings and terrain.

• Constantly try new things, new tricks, and different maneuvers. Be innovative and creative, that’s what makes snowboarding so much fun; you’re the artist.

• Spend the whole day on the beginner slope. You will be amazed how fast you will improve, not! Challenge yourself on new terrain and features.

• Watch and learn. There are so many ripping riders out there. Try to understand what and how they’re doing what they’re doing. “First imitate, then innovate.” Visualize yourself doing it, then give it a try.

•  Keep your board in good shape. Wax your board regularly and make sure you’ve got a fast grind for the conditions. Keep your edges sharp and properly detuned tip and tail to your riding preference.

• Maintain your physical conditioning. The stronger your physical conditioning, the faster you will go and the healthier your body will remain. Do Pilates and yoga regularly to stay healthy during a long winter season of beating up your body.

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