Stoke Plaza Skatepark

Stoke Plaza is a huge all concrete course that was built in 2010 and can be found in Central Forest Park and is solely a street plaza with a small bowl section at the side.

The plaza area is massive and is centralised around a focal point in the middle and set on multiple levels with flat banks, stair sets, rails, hubbas, manny pads and ledges transitioning between them. The bowl section at the back is made up of three circular bowls all joined together that are each at differing depths with some nice bumps and corners between them to pump along.

Stoke Plaza is an amazing facility and if you are a street skater this is a must visit. There are endless numbers of lines that can be hit here and a lot of space between obstacles to adjust between tricks. The surfaces are smooth and fast, making this a must visit spot whether you are from the area or beyond.

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