Venice Beach Skatepark

Los Angeles is a city with a big skate culture and history and it continues to develop a strong scene around this activity so you'll never get bored of skating there.

Visit well-known spots like the Stoner Skate Park, Radio Korea or Hollywood High School among many others that you'll come across. The Caliornia Science Center is an incredible place with hundreds of exhibitions. For adrenaline lovers, the Magic Mountain theme park is full of roller coasters, in fact, it holds the Guiness World Record for the highest and fastest roller coaster. As for attractions, Disneyland is a place full of classics, entertainment, restaurants and shops and is well worth a visit if you go with family. Other interesting places are Universal Studios, the Hollywood sign, the Walk of Fame, Melrose Avenue, Sunset Strip, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and the 'Baywatch' beach. You could come across more than one film star here.

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